“A Lock & Cameras are not enough”

Active Security Solutions can help you prevent loss and liability with a complete protection plan.
How many times can you say you have watched the news and have seen?

In the city of _____ at A burger stand, A post office, A storage facility, A bank has been robbed or a man came in for service and someone ran in behind him shot and killed him. Then they show a video that was in the facility with someone that came in with a hooded jacket and could not make a description of the killer if you have any information please call.

Yes camera’s are nice to have to show the after but security are here before and camera’s they can’t protect u they can only show what has happen after the fact. Camera’s were invented for someone to watch them while there running but the people that sell them don’t tell you that and Knowing the type of person you are I know YOU would want the best for your family and the people around you. DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE.

ACTIVE SECURITY has highly trained security officers with permits like 3 years or more experience, a valid guard card, fire arms, first aid, CPR, 8 hours in training for weapons of mass destruction, 8 hours of Observation and Documentation for any reports that need to be made.