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Any city, USA – at a burger stand, a post office, a storage facility, or a bank, a robbery has occurred and all you have is security footage of a hooded suspect. There is no description of the perp and no arrest is made.


Yes, cameras are nice to have. However, the presence of a security officer could have avoided a possible tragedy. A camera cannot do what a security officer can. An officer serves as a deterrent, can provide detailed information and can apprehend a suspect if needed.


Our Services

  • 24-7 security surveillance
  • dispatch
  • first-aid/cpr
  • armored transport
  • personal protection services
  • airport pick-up
  • private investigators
  • bug sweeps
  • threat assessment
  • gated communities
  • office buildings
  • counter terrorism
  • fraud prevention
  • interrogation
  • private investigations

Security Integration

Active Security Officers are prepared to interface with all categories of security technology. Supervisors train guards according to your required security detail, including alarm systems, monitoring and special equipment.

Customized Security Planning

Active Security Managers are trained to arrange protocols for special site or facility needs. Specific factors can be added to your security detail concerning trauma, fire and emergency procedures and specific communication to local authorities.

K-9 Protection and Dog Teams


  • High-visibility Deterrant
  • Excellent Highly Visible Protection Plan.
  • K-9s help prevent break-in and entry.
  • Increased protection for employees and patrons.
  • Man & Dog teams are most versatile guards.
  • Trained K-9s for public interaction.


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